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Tarot Journey

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Introduction to
Remote Viewing


Develop Intuitive Card Reading Skills

They say to know a man you must walk a mile in his shoes. Come along with me and meet my friend, The Fool. Together we will learn to navigate the landscape of his world - The Tarot.

New class starts July 15, 2023

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Learn the basics of remote viewing.

Learning the structured process of remote viewing can help you to understand how the subconscious mind delivers information. It teaches you to access and communicate with your subconscious mind, and to create a channel where information can flow freely to consciousness. 

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Auragraph Workshop
Summer 2023

Learn about the Psychic Skills Certification Program

Join us for a free introductory evening, meet Lin, and experience her teaching style first-hand as she offers an overview of the program and guides you through an example exercise similar to those you will find in the course.

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Take your psychic skills to the next level.

An auragraph is a psychic portrayal of a person’s

life journey, past, present and possible future. 

Through sensing the layers of the “sitter’s” aura—physical,

emotional, mental and spiritual—the psychic use symbols, 

to tell a story about the subject’s life, past, present and potential future. 

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