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My Story


When it comes to psychic ability or sensing and seeing the spirit world, I can't say that my beginning experiences were much different from those of many others. I had an interest in the metaphysical from a very young age, and had my first encounter with a spirit person at the age of five, when I noticed my grandmother standing beside me at her wake. Like others, I pushed my early experiences aside, but throughout my life my interest never waned.


When I was eight years old, I managed to convince my mother to buy me a deck of "Gypsy Witch Cards," and talked the local Girls' Club into allowing me to set up a makeshift tent at their annual "Penny Carnival." Equipped with my cards, and an overturned fish bowl to double as a crystal ball, I somehow managed to get a line of eager "sitters" each year. I can't say, or recall, that my readings were much more than fiction at the time, but the intention was definitely there.

As an adult, I once again set my interest in the metaphysical aside to raise a family and pursue a career, only to find that, time after time, I would be guided back. I eventually gave in to the call and began a full time study of psychic development, spirit communication, and trance healing that would lead me across the United States, and eventually to the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England. It was there, during an assessment reading with one of the college's foremost tutors, that I was encouraged to begin teaching. Once I did, I realized that it was in guiding and teaching others that I found true joy. Since then, I have helped hundreds of students to understand and develop their natural psychic abilities and soul senses.

I currently teach the Psychic Skills Certificate Program at the Edgar Cayce Center of New York, where I have also served on the Board of Trustees and the Center's Directing Team.

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