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What are Students Saying?

The MCP class far exceeded my expectations in taking my mediumship to a whole new level! Prior to the class, I was only able to hold a connection for about 10 minutes. The information I was receiving was scattered and unclear. In the MCP class I learned how to get and hold a connection. I learned how to receive clear and concise evidence from Spirit. Lin teaches this and so much more in a fun, supportive atmosphere. I highly recommend this course to anyone, beginner or advanced, who is serious about mediumship. You will receive a great foundation and really learn how to be an evidential medium. 

Nancy, MCP Grad

“ I believe the mark of a great teacher, is one that is able to grab and hold your attention so that you desire to continue to learn more.  It is someone that pushes you beyond your limits, rejoices in your successes and supports you during difficult times.  It is someone who actively listens and helps you to become all that you can be.  It is that person who helps you to realize your true potential and that dreams can and do come true.  Lin has been my teacher, mentor and friend for over 3 years and has proven time and time again that she encompasses all these qualities and more. I am honored to be one of her students.”

Brenda, MCP Grad

I recently finished the Mediumship Certificate Program and something amazing has happened due to taking this class—I've learned to trust myself and my ability! There was always something holding me back from being where I wanted to be with my energy work. Something nagged at my soul and tore at my confidence. Then I met Lin and all the wonderful people in the class. I learned a lot and now work with confidence. 

Jamie, MCP Grad


This program changed my life, how I view our existence, the importance of healing, and how I can help others.

Nann, MCP Grad

This class is amazing! I find your classes very powerful for me in opening up my abilities. I hope to continue learning with you.

April, MCP Grad, Prophecy Class

 I can see amazing spiritual growth within myself since I started taking classes from Lin.  She is an amazing natural teacher, puts her heart and soul into teaching, and brings out your abilities to their fullest potential. Lin has an excellent psychic training background and impeccable integrity. If you want to learn in her classes, you will learn. The classes are well planned and she is supportive and encouraging to each of her students.


Thank you so much for this class I have been using my gifts for a long time but had been feeling disconnected. With this class I took a quantum leap forward. My psychic and mediumship abilities have grown and I just feel so beautifully connected to the spirit realm.

Carol, Spirit Communication 

Your class is probably one of the best i have attended so far. I love the fact that you give us the practice on daily basis and you posted the responses quickly. We are blessed to be here in your class. Thank you very much.

Tina, Spirit Communication

I just feel like the lightbulb has gone on after far too many years!! I have met so many amazing people in this class with good, kind, open hearts; I feel truly blessed! And I have discovered (as you said Lin) that the kind, open heart is what opens us up to those in Spirit. When I can remove everything else and focus on unconditional love...I feel so open and able to receive.

Sunni , Spirit Communication.

This class is amazing!!!  I have learned so much about how my subconscious mind works in just one fun-filled month.  I feel when a student has a relaxed, knowledgeable, consistent, fun teacher such as yourself it makes the entire experience that much better.  I look forward to the daily class assignments, discussing them on the conference calls, listening to the laughter we share and also how we all connect.  I do see this world differently and what a big difference it is.


Thank you for sharing your wisdom, kindness and laughter with us.  I will continue to be in this class.

Darlene, Psychic Workout

Both the Psychic Work-Out Class I took in February and the MCP Program I took in were, in a word, fabulous. All the different links, information and tools Lin gives us are so helpful.  Also, Linda is very, very supportive, approachable and easily available.  This is a great experience.  Take the plunge! You won't regret it.

Jane, Psychic Workout, MCP Grad

The Psychic Workout class is a must for anyone wanting to try their hand at psychic abilities. From the beginner to the advanced, this class presents with exercises to not only enhance ones abilities but to prove to all that everyone has the ability to do it. Lin is an extremely knowledgeable and gifted mentor. She provides a very supportive environment that makes one feel comfortable with participating in all the exercises. With her guidance, I feel that I have learned so much in her classes. In one short month, I have seen my abilities, and those of my classmates, blossom and taken to the next level.


Lin! Rarely do I have the opportunity to be in awe of presentations, professionalism and true leadership. Fantastic Job! Thank You.

Mike, Psi Investigation Class

PSI Investigation Level I - It was a wonderful workshop. Linda is an excellent teacher. It was fascinating, exciting, and I learned a lot. 

Sally M, Lily Dale Workshop

Psychic Skills Certification Program Comments

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