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Magical Mystery Tour

Where Science & Spirit Meet

Are psychic skills and mediumship special gifts that are granted to just a chosen few, or are they inherent in our human and spirit essence, waiting dormant in the brain to be awakened?


In this workshop we’ll bring together science and mysticism to become explorers of consciousness and the brain as they apply to mediumiship and psychic states. We’ll also look at and recreate some early and recent scientific research experiments, and learn about some brilliant psychics and mediums who have been tried and tested over the years.


As the course unfolds, you will be surprised and amazed as you unlock your psychic and mediumship potential to reach higher levels of awareness.

Week One:
and Altered States

Learn about consciousness and brainwave states in psychic work and mental and physical mediumship. Discuss energy and vibration, and how we receive information. Experience altered states.

Week Two:
Psychic Skills

Understand the aura, chakras, intuition, and the psychic as a “built in” information-gathering system and a stepping-stone to mediumship. Exercise your basic psychic abilities: Precognition, Telepathy, the “Claires,” and Telekinesis. Practice techniques to facilitate the flow of psychic information. 

Week Three:

See how “survival physics” explains the change called death, and illustrates how mediums can connect with the spirit realm. Shift your awareness to establish communication with those in the spirit world. Strengthen your link with spirit and receive evidence of survival.

Week Four:
Higher States
and "Oneness"

Is there a “God Spot” in the human brain? Discover what science tells us about spirituality, oneness and the human brain. Experiment with meditation, chants, mantras and sound environments as vehicles to achieve expanded states of awareness.

Week Five:
The Power
of Prayer

Glimpse into the field of “Neurotheology,” and consider the questions: “Do regular prayer and communion with God change the human brain? Can prayer heal? How do words and thought affect the human body?” In this final session, we continue to seek and experience non-duality and elevated states as we allow the power and influence of the Divine to work freely through us, creating healing and change in us and in those we seek to help.

I believe that quality instruction should be available to everyone. Payment plans are available to those who need a budget plan. I consider each student need on a case-by-case basis. 

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