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Higher Levels of Psychic Development

This class is limited to graduates of the Edgar Cayce NYC Psychic Skills Certification Program
Sorry, registration for this class is closed.

The advance psychic development class will focus on expanding and perfecting the skills and reading techniques that were acquired through the Psychic Skills Certification Program. It will also include new tools and skills that will take your abilities to a higher level.

We will use the outline of your completed certificate program as a jumping off point, but will keep the topics for each class flexible so that the teaching can be guided by our experiences and needs from class to class. We will also schedule one online night per month for either a discussion, guest sitter or skills lab. 

Also included each month are homework assignments, reading assignments, one online meeting per month (guest sitter, Q & A, or practice lab), and a practice readings session at the center.

This class is open only to graduates of the Psychic Skills Certification Program.

Friday Class Dates                         Time: 6:30 - 9:30                        Fee: $600                   Location:                         

• July 27                                                       
• August 24                        
• September 28                 
• October 26                      
• November 16
• December: Independent study

• January 25

• February 22

• March 22

• April TBA

Questions? Email Lin:

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